Synology PhotoStation REST API

Version 0.2.0

An Unofficial Reference

Parse API Response

Each API request should result in a response from the PhotoStation server. The response data is in JSON format allowing easy decoding of returned data. Note that for the most part, HTTP response codes are not used for errors. Instead one must check the JSON data for the success field to detect errors.

Parsing Responses

All responses should return a 200 OK HTTP status (regardless of success or failure of the operation itself) and contain a JSON-formatted body with the following fields:

Field Type Description
success Boolean true if operation was successful, false otherwise.
data Object If successful, contains any API specific return data. On error, no data object is returned.
error Object If unsuccessful, an error object is returned containing a code field with a numeric error code describing the condition.

Successful Response

    "success": true,
    "data": {...}

Error Response

    "success": false,
    "error": {
        "code": 101

Common Error Codes

The following are error codes common for all APIs. Additional codes may be defined on a per-API basis to handle more specific error conditions.

Code Name Description
100 WEBAPI_ERR_UNKNOWN Unknown error
101 WEBAPI_ERR_BAD_REQUEST The request is malformed. Typically this means a required argument is missing.
102 WEBAPI_ERR_NO_SUCH_API The requested API is not defined.
103 WEBAPI_ERR_NO_SUCH_METHOD The requested method for this API is not defined.
104 WEBAPI_ERR_NOT_SUPPORTED_VERSION The requested version is not supported.
105 WEBAPI_ERR_NO_PERMISSION The user session does not have required permissions.
106 WEBAPI_ERR_SESSION_TIMEOUT The session has timed out.
107 WEBAPI_ERR_SESSION_INTERRUPT The session was interrupted by a duplicate login

Note: The names above are taken from photo/webapi/sdk/ from the PhotoStation package code.


See Perform API Request in prior step for example successful response to an API request.