Synology PhotoStation REST API

Version 0.2.0

An Unofficial Reference

SYNO.PhotoStation.Photo delete

Delete one or more items (photos or videos) from one or more albums.


Parameter Description Required?
id Comma separated list of item IDs Yes

Sample Response

  "success": true

Unfortunately the response is not particularly informative as it does not show any per-item status. Additionally, some errors (for example, attempting to copy an invalid ID) are never reported.


The delete command supports cancellation via the cancel command. In order for cancel to stop deletion of the items being processed, the cancellation id parameter must match the delete id parameter exactly, otherwise cancellation will not find a matching operation. This means if one is deleting multiple items in a single request, all the item operations must be cancelled (if desired) with a single request.

Also note that cancellation is best effort and does not ensure the item(s) will not have already been deleted by the time the cancellation operation is received. There is no undo operation.


On error, delete can return one of the following error values:

Error Value Description
PHOTOSTATION_PHOTO_BAD_PARAMS Missing required parameter