Synology PhotoStation REST API

Version 0.2.0

An Unofficial Reference

SYNO.PhotoStation.Auth photo_login

Behave identically to login, but does not set the internal session variable skipIPCheckForMobile. The implication is that photo_login will cause the IP address of the requester (as defined by the server variable REMOTE_ADDR) to be verified against a previously stored value.

It is unclear in which cases this check is performed, if at all.


Parameter Description Required?
username Synology username Yes
password Password Yes
remember_me If set, returned cookie will have 30 day expiration set Optional

Sample Response

  "success": true,
  "data": {
    "sid": "flru8d67ud08plncn12it8fpl0",
    "username": "myuser",
    "reg_syno_user": true,
    "is_admin": true,
    "allow_comment": false,
    "permission": {
      "browse": true,
      "upload": true,
      "manage": true
    "enable_face_recog": false,
    "allow_public_share": true,
    "allow_download": true,
    "show_detail": true