Synology PhotoStation REST API

Version 0.2.0

An Unofficial Reference

Users and Authentication

PhotoStation Operating Modes

PhotoStation can be operated in one of two modes: standard or personal. In standard mode, there is a common PhotoStation instance for all users. Individual users may create permissions on files and albums for privacy and can see all files uploaded by other users if granted permission.

Personal PhotoStation mode allows each Synology NAS user to have their own separate instance of PhotoStation, completely segregating all files from other users.

The PhotoStation operating mode can be changed by visiting the Settings page in the PhotoStation web GUI and looking for “Personal Photo Station” in the General Settings category.

DSM vs PhotoStation Users

In addition to operating mode, PhotoStation has two modes of user accounts. The default mode is to use the standard Synology DSM accounts. These accounts are created/deleted via the standard DSM Users Control Panel.

The other user account mode is to have PhotoStation manage its own set of usernames and passwords independent of that standard DSM users.

User Permissions