Synology PhotoStation REST API

Version 0.2.0

An Unofficial Reference

SYNO.PhotoStation.Album move

Moves one or more albums to a new parent album. All albums will be located to the same parent if successful.


Parameter Description Required?
id Comma separated list of Album IDs Yes
sharepath Destination parent album ID Yes
duplicate Duplicate album handing (overwrite or any other value) Yes

sharepath must be present but may be empty to indicate the root album.

If duplicate is set to overwrite, any existing albums with same name as a source album will be overwritten. Any other value (eg.g ignore) will cause the albums with naming conflicts to be skipped (see below).

Sample Response

  "success": true

If any albums are skipped due to name conflict, the returned data object will contain a skip array containing the IDs of all albums that were not moved:

  "data": {


The move command supports cancellation via the cancel command. In order for cancel to stop the album(s) being moved, the cancellation id parameter must match the move id parameter exactly, otherwise cancellation will not find a matching operation. This means if one is moving multiple albums in a single request, all the album moves must be cancelled (if desired) with a single request.

Also note that cancellation is best effort and does not ensure the album will not have already been moved by the time the cancellation operation is received. There is no undo operation but albums can be returned to original location via a new move command.


On error, move can return one of the following error values:

Error Value Description
WEBAPI_ERR_BAD_REQUEST Missing or invalid parameters
PHOTOSTATION_PHOTO_BAD_PARAMS Invalid destination path for album
PHOTOSTATION_ALBUM_NO_MANAGE_RIGHT User does not have upload rights to destination album
PHOTOSTATION_ALBUM_SELECT_CONFLICT One or more source albums are either the destination album or a parent of the destination album