Synology PhotoStation REST API

Version 0.2.0

An Unofficial Reference


Common Request Fields

Parameter Description Required?
public_share_id Optional
filter_public_share Optional

These optional settings determine the public share session cache used during processing. These parameters may be set for all Photo API requests.

TODO - what does this mean?

Error Codes

The following error codes are specific to SYNO.PhotoStation.Photo:

Code Name Description
456 PHOTOSTATION_PHOTO_BAD_PARAMS Missing or invalid parameters in request

Available Methods

  • cancel - Cancel a photo operation
  • copy - Copy or move photos and/or videos
  • delete - Delete one or more items
  • edit - Edit photo/video metadata
  • getexif - Fetch EXIF data for photo
  • getinfo - Retreive information about one or more items
  • list - List photos or videos matching query parameters
  • listexif - Returns a list of EXIF values