Synology PhotoStation REST API

Version 0.2.0

An Unofficial Reference

SYNO.PhotoStation.Album edit

Edit the metadata or settings for an album.


Parameter Description Required?
id ID of album Yes
allow_comment Allow comments (only allowed for first level albums) Optional
conversion Unknown. Enabled by default, can only disable in first level albums Optional
description Description of album Optional
inheritParent (boolean) Optional
name Name of album Optional
sort_by Sorting method for album. One of filename, takendate, createdate, preference or default Optional
sort_direction One of asc or desc Optional
title Title to assign to album Optional
type One of public, private or password Optional
watermark_path Path to watermark file Optional *
watermark_opacity Opacity of watermark Optional *
watermark_gravity Gravity of watermark file Optional *
watermark_size Size of watermark file Optional *

In order to apply a watermark, all four watermark_* parameters must be present.

If setting type to password, one must include a password parameter and value as well.

Sample Response

  "success": true


On error, edit can return one of the following error values:

Error Value Description
WEBAPI_ERR_BAD_REQUEST Missing or invalid parameter(s)
PHOTOSTATION_ALBUM_EDIT_FAIL General error during album update
PHOTOSTATION_ALBUM_NO_MANAGE_RIGHT User does not have manage rights for album
PHOTOSTATION_ALBUM_NOT_ADMIN Admin user required for some settings (title, sort_by, sort_direction, allow_comment, type, password, conversion)