Synology PhotoStation REST API

Version 0.2.0

An Unofficial Reference

Get API Information

In order to interact with the Synology PhotoStation API, one needs to know the details of the APIs available on a PhotoStation instance. This is important as software version changes may lead to breaking API changes. Thus developers would need to know API versioning on a system when interacting with it.

API information is available via the query method of the SYNO.API.Info API accessible at photo/webapi/query.cgi. A request to this API will return the following information for all available APIs:

  • API Name
  • CGI path
  • Minimum / maximum supported versions

See SYNO.API.Info reference for further details.


Below is an example of accessing the API information for a Synology NAS running PhotoStation. This and all examples will used the curl command line tool available for most operating systems. Additionally, we are using synology.local as the hostname of the Synology NAS being accessed. This should be replaced with the actual desired hostname or IP address.

Further information on the request and response formats can be found in the next sections.


curl 'http://synology.local/photo/webapi/query.php?api=SYNO.API.Info&method=query&version=1&query=all'


NOTE: This response is truncated for clarity. A typical response from SYNO.API.Info would report more APIs available

  "success": true,
  "data": {
    "SYNO.PhotoStation.Auth": {
      "path": "auth.php",
      "minVersion": 1,
      "maxVersion": 1
    "SYNO.PhotoStation.Info": {
      "path": "info.php",
      "minVersion": 1,
      "maxVersion": 2
    "SYNO.PhotoStation.Album": {
      "path": "album.php",
      "minVersion": 1,
      "maxVersion": 1